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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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My worst nightmare is a consequence from the death of my parents. My parents were brutally murdered about a year ago. At least once a week, I see myself in an airplane with my mom, dad, and the murderer. The rest of the people on the plane act as if they know that they are already looking into the face of death. My mom and dad have blood coming out of their eyes, nose, ears, and almost every other hole in their body. They just keep looking at me with no expression on their faces. The man that brutally raped and strangled my mother, and who also sliced my dad open until he was holding his insides in his own hands, just keeps staring at me with these cold and dark eyes. I try to get up, but I can't. My legs are paralyzed and I don't know why. I then begin to pull myself along using all of my arm strength. I make it to far end of the airplane, far away from him! He just keeps staring at me. My parents also keep staring. They act as if they don't even see him. The murderer slowly rises from his seat and walks over to my parents and crushes their faces in with one blow. He then walks over to me, still displaying a cold, heartless expression. I try to fight him, but his strength overwhelms me. I use my thumbs and gouge his eyes into the back of his skull. He acts like it doesn't even hurt! He begins to laugh at me. He then pulls a knife out of his back pocket and, just as he is beginning to cut my throat, I wake up sweating and screaming at the top of my lungs!

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