Being Watched
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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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It must have been 10pm before I went to bed after playing Battlefield with my son for about 3 hours. For the last two weeks or so I have managed to sleep with the lights off, but the last three nights the light has been left on regardless of who is at home.

Friday and Saturday I left the light on in the hallway and last night I left the lamp on in the bedroom. Inca as usual was on the end of the bed.

Last night was a very restless night for me, more so than usual. The wind blowing did not help. I lay in bed staring out of the window, listening to the wind blowing through the leaves. I got up and put the radio on and jumped back into bed. The music would drown out the sounds of the leaves rustling. I closed my eyes and started seeing red dots, I opened my eyes and thought I must stop playing Battlefield for so many hours; the red dots in the game are enemy forces, when you are commander.

I closed my eyes again but opened them within seconds of closing them; I just could not shift the feeling of being watched. I turned over so I was not facing the window and closed my eyes again, listening to the music and trying to get some sleep, but I could not shift that feeling. I turned so I was lying on my back and stared at how the objects in the room appeared as shadows on the ceiling. I turned around to face the window and closed my eyes.

I don't know why but I thought, turn off the lamp and go put the hallway light on, that way nobody can see into the bedroom. That is what I did. I switched the lamp off in the bedroom and put the hallway light on. Jumped back into bed, lay on my side facing the window. I don't know why I sleep facing the window or nearest the window but there you go.

I closed my eyes, my heart was beating very fast, I kept my eyes closed, and Inca was still asleep. The time on the clock showed 00:23am. As I lay there, I felt a tingling electric sensation on the back of my head, through my hair. I felt a cold but gentle breeze, on the back of my neck, it felt like this tingling electric sensation was stroking my hair, top to bottom.

My body had chills running through it but I lay there, although frightened, this tingling electric sensation felt like it was a reassurance, he was here to protect me and that he would let no harm come to me, gently this tingling electric sensation ran to the top then bottom of my head and then back up and then down to my neck, although it was running itself through my hair, although it was cold, it felt safe.

The feeling and words that came to mind were "Don't be scared, I will let no harm come to you, I am here, sleep", with those gentle strokes sleep is exactly what I did, I woke at 330a.m, to turn the hallway light of, but went straight back to bed.

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