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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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My nightmare is about drowning. Most people don't think that it's scary at all, but they're wrong. On the night of my arrival at a campground I was vacationing at, I felt something very strange, like a beckoning or a calling. I felt compelled to visit the nearby river dam. I thought I just wanted to be alone so I could think… All of a sudden I heard someone call out my name! I quickly looked around but was not able to see anyone. A few minutes later I heard it again, so I asked who was there! A voice answered and it sounded familiar, like a friend of mine who had died a few years earlier. I asked where he was and he replied, "Down by the water." I approached the water, straining my eyes in an attempt to see him, but he wasn't where I thought the voice had come from. I stepped a bit closer toward the shoreline and pointed my flashlight onto the water. Then I saw my friend's face looking up at me! He was all bloated and puffy! His decaying flesh was this horrible blue and green mesh-like color. I screamed continually as he reached up and pulled me into the dark, icy water with him! He said that he had been waiting soooo long to get me! He then held my head under the water and wouldn't let me come up for air. I was gagging, furiously struggling to free his deadly grip on me so I could surface and breathe! … But I couldn't - I didn't.

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