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I'm only 15, and this is a true story that began when I was 13. People keep telling me that this was just a dream but I think it was something else. I was just laying on an old couch that was in my room. I was looking out and into the laundry room by my door. It was pitch black out there and I didn't have my glasses on, so when something appeared to move by my door, I thought nothing of it. After a while, I again saw something moving. Suddenly, I heard a scratching by my open bedroom door! I got a little nervous but thought that it was just my imagination. Nevertheless, I threw my blanket over my head and laid there nervously, trying to endure a cold-sweat. After about three hours of what seemed like an eternity, I decided to look out of my covers. When I surveyed my room, I was startled by a shadowy figure standing silently erect in the doorway! I have seen many ghosts in my lifetime, but this one made me nervous because I couldn't see its face. I just sat there, staring at it. I began to think it was the grim reaper or something, coming to take my soul. I was shocked, yet at the same time in awe of this unknown creature. Surprisingly, it finally moved! In lifting its right arm and motioning with a bloody finger, it obligated me to move towards it. I seemed to have no control of my body as I rose from the couch and unwillingly walked closer to the creature. While standing in front of the scary apparition for a short time, I realized I had regained control of my body and I tried to run! I still couldn't move though! I then blacked out. The next morning I awoke on the couch in my living room (how did I get there?). The next night I sat up holding a crucifix, waiting for the thing to appear again. At about 1 a.m. it came! I held up my crucifix and waited for a reaction. Slowly, the crucifix bent - touched bottom to top - and fell to the floor. After that, the creature disappeared! Ever since, the "spectre" visits once each day at 1 p.m., and each night at 1 a.m.! I still don't know why it comes, it won't talk to me. In fact, it never says a word… (help)

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