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Posted by: Emperor Jackal
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This story happened in Chesterfield, Michigan. We have just moved in to our house and I thought, "Wow this is the perfect house", but I couldn't help feeling that something was wrong. I soon made friends and found out that they too had the same feelings.

We went to the basement and decided to play catch. Since the basement acted as a guestroom, there was a bed. The ball went under the bed and suddenly popped out and we heard "can I play?" We were confused and scared so we ran upstairs, but after a few weeks we got used to the eerie feeling and started to go down there again.

We tried to talk to the ghost again and we asked "if you're here can you give a sign?" We heard a knock on the wall and decided to ask questions. We asked yes or no questions and figured out 1 knock meant "no" and 2 knocks for "yes". We tried to get the name and it was "Fred". Suddenly we felt like we understood what Fred was thinking and feeling.

We haven't seen Fred since but sometimes feel his presents. We have found new ghosts as we call "Shadow "and "Scar face".

We found out about Shadow when we were playing Tag in the house when we the door slam to my parents room. We followed it and saw a shadowy figure sitting on the bed. As soon as we saw it, it disappeared. We have seen it walking around but never really pay attention to him.

We saw Scar Face in my window. We don't think that he is really good. Once I was on my trampoline I saw him and I heard an evil laugh. The trampoline started to shake until I yelled my friend's names. The shaking stopped as soon as my friends came out side.

I have seen him more often than anyone else. He scares me more than anyone, I always feel uncomfortable when I see him or think about him. We call him scare face because of the scar that goes from the top of the left eye to the bottom right side of his chin.

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