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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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This incident happened to me a few months back… Maybe in June or July. I am a working girl and I usually come home late from work, like around 10.30p.m. After that I have my dinner and then I sit on the internet checking my mails and stuffs… Which goes on until late.

Well where I stay, there's a big open ground behind… And during that time I used to hear a lot of dogs crying & howling exactly after 1.30a.m…Everyday!…And they would do that exactly for 20-30 minutes!…That used to scare the hell outta me… I could hardly sleep during that period of 30 minutes and only after they stopped crying could I sleep.

I told this to my sister and she told me that she'd heard from her friends that there was a burial ground somewhere near or around that ground and that it was haunted! That just gave me the creeps! After a few days she told me that she was hanging with few of her friends one night on the terrace of our building when suddenly far across the ground they saw a man who would appear and disappear, then again re-appear and disappear and they all freaked out and got out of the terrace as quickly as possible. I told her that it was just her mind playing tricks but she said that it was FOR REAL and that all of her friends saw the same thing!

Well the howling continued for a few days. But just as suddenly it had started, it stopped all of a sudden too! Thankfully now I sleep peacefully.

So can anyone tell me whether it had something to do with the supernatural or it was just some one-off incident which happened at the wrong time… Totally clueless! Also lemme tell you there's been no recurrence of that or any other incident yet!

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