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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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My worst nightmare has always haunted me like a ghost. I never experienced this dream more than once, but once was enough for me. I was in a restaurant somewhere in the mountains. I was there to meet and have lunch with my mom. As I sat down, I felt very uneasy, so I told my mom that I thought we should leave the restaurant and go outside. We arose and left the table. When we got outside I looked up at the sky; it was dark and gloomy. That day was supposed to be beautiful, so it was frightening to me. When I turned around, everybody from the restaurant had also come outside to look at the sky. We were, all of us, fascinated by its unusual glowing colors, yet I was scared at the same time. Everyone bunched into a crowd to watch the sky. I then looked down a hill-like road with fear now infesting my body like a disease. As I gazed down the hill, I saw a fire start. It spread so fast that when I turned to scream, everyone around me was burning! I reached out for my mom and noticed that my arm was on fire! My mother was no where to be seen. I started crying when I realized that it was the end of the world. I didn't want to see my mother die, or anyone around me. I woke up in tears and a cold sweat. I have now become fearful that the world will soon end as foretold and predicted. I hope not…

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