Nightmare 2
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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
Original Thread:

I'm only 15, but in my Nightmare I'm 19… I look up to the sky, a deep blood-red sky. And the sun is black, releasing a strange glow instead of normal light. There are black clouds swirling in the sky. The city behind me is full of agonizing screams and loud gunshots can continually be heard in the distance. But, I'm not in the city any more; I'm in a field, running from the rain. A rain that is like pure acid. Acid that can kill mercilessly. A little girl of no more than five years of age is with me. She has platinum blond hair and strange glowing blue eyes. I do not know her name nor have I ever seen her before now, but I am trying to help her. She is so small and innocent. We are, both of us, in this field that is occupied by a mass of dead bodies. There is only an occasional patch of dry brown dirt amid the slushy and mostly red mud; red from being saturated with blood. Dead bodies lay in heaping mounds and completely surround us. We are running endlessly over the decaying corpses. The little girl then trips and the force of the fall rips her hand away from mine. I want to stop to help her, but the acid rain, it's so close! There is nothing to be done but hope her death is a quick one. Unfortunately, it is not! I turn and call to her to keep moving! "Run! Crawl if you have to! Get out of the rain!" Too late… As she finally manages to stand, and with a wave of tears streaming down her virtuous face, the acidic drizzle covers her unprotected body. I know I should run, but I can't! I'm frozen! She lets out torturous screams of terror as her tiny body is instantly overwhelmed by the excruciating pain. Her screaming is so harrowing and terrible! No one should ever have to suffer like that. I watch in horror as the bubbling acid eats relentlessly through her soft young flesh, blood pouring down her arms like a red waterfall. Her skin has all but disappeared, leaving only vulnerable muscle exposed against the downpour. Her bare skull is visible, and yet she continues to shriek in torment. I watch until her bones crumple and are finally gone all together. The black cloud approaches and I turn to flee. "That fate will not befall me!" My body aches as I run… "How long have I been running? Where am I going? I don't know, but I hope I get there fast!" I can see a cave just ahead as well as a familiar face. A friend greets me at the cavern's entrance. He acts as though none of this bothered him. Maybe it didn't… He's smoking a Camel cigarette. I go inside the cave, but he stays behind. He will not die. I know that, but I don't know why or how. The cave is dark and I seem to walk forever. Things too hideous to describe brush up against me as I walk. I come to a cavernous room. There is a huge fire in the center of the room with many odd psychedelic colors bouncing off its damp grungy walls. Many horrific demons dance around the blazing fire in dizzying circles. I hide behind a boulder and sneak around to get a better look, but one of them hears my movement. The demon is colorful and short in stature (only three feet tall). He turns toward me and imparts a monstrous smile as he continues to perform his strange dance. Even though the other demons are at least ten feet tall, I somehow feel that the short one is the leader… That's about it. However, the nightmare ends differently every time I have it and it never finishes completely.

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