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One day I had to take one of my babes (a 2 yr. old girl) to the hospital to undergo surgery. Tubes had to be put in her ears for drainage in response to a chronic ear infection. This is a fairly routine procedure in the REAL WORLD, but this is a nightmare! I was with a small group of family and friends entering the hospital when, by the reception desk, I saw an old boyfriend. I stopped to chat with him while my mom took my baby girl on to the operating room for surgery. After we'd chatted, I realized that I had to go to my daughter! But during the time my x-boyfriend and I spent talking, the crowd in the hospital had greatly multiplied. Suddenly, there were hundreds of family members and friends, and also strangers, crowded around the operating table. I tried to approach the table, but everyone kept pushing me back. I started elbowing and spitting and cussing, eventually getting to the front of the crowd. Once I got there, to my horror, I saw my little baby on the table and the doctor, right above her, wielding a huge, 4-foot circular saw! He proceeded to start up the engine on that sucker and a loud buzzing sound filled the room! My mouth filled with vomit and I couldn't shout or tell him to STOP! He kept penetrating her soft baby flesh, going through her yielding bones, and blood was squirting everywhere! When I turned away to look for my mother, I saw that the whole crowd was just watching, expressionless; like they were watching a boring commercial on TV! I was so indecisive - I had to stay there as my baby needed me, but I had to escape the sound of the saw, the frighteningly nonplused crowd, and the vomit was now coming out of my nose. But when I looked behind me for the exit door, I saw it was blocked by my ex-husband. His skin was white and slimy, and his face was bright red with his eyeballs popping out. He was looking right at me with hateful, ice-like eyes and he was enraged! I noticed that he had an ancient Samurai sword and was coming my way! I dove into the crowd, but when I looked behind me, he was right there. Then, in a startling turn of events, the crowd just parted, leaving a big hole with just me and him in the center. As he cut through the air with his sword, and laughing an evil laugh, I tried to back up, but the crowd pushed me back in the room. With one swift swoop of his sword, he sliced off the end of my arm which was up in the air in a defensive posture. Blood was now pouring out of my amputated arm stump! I then put my other arm up and he, still laughing, brought the tip of the sword to my jugular and says, "you've been asking for this, bitch!" Just as he was about to thrust, I woke up screaming! (then I went to check on my babe).

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