The Castle
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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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At the tender age of eight, a dream cast itself upon my life and embedded itself within my neurotic flesh, like death. It began with the taxi arriving at my house (which was truly not out of the norm, considering all my nightmares began with the same taxi). The taxi took me to a castle. I stood upon the steps leading down to the dungeon and I watched from a darkened place, my father unchain a fierce brown-furred beast. My reliable legs quickly carried me away from the unfolding dangers yet to come. I ran up the stairs, slammed the entry door and locked it, knowing that I could not prevent my father's own death. The angry growls of the beast trying to break through the door stung my heart as if a cold icicle had sheathed itself within me. Clothed only by the darkness and crouched like a fallen angel, my life was spared only by the creature's failing eyesight as it eventually rammed and burst through the door. I ran into a room where my "family" (they were spiritually my siblings and more specifically the children), sat mesmerized by the soothing voice of Scrooge McDuck's Irish tone as he sat in a chair telling a duck tale. All eyes turned on me. "You family curse!", their minds judged like witch-hunters. I quickly related the tale of the creature, only to be interrupted by banshees who snatched us up and delivered us to the dungeon! We were fastened to guillotines and lay perfectly still, knowing that one false move could convert us into chopped meat. I freed all by use of my witchery and I, myself, ran out of the castle. Vampires swarmed like vultures in the dusked land as the villagers shrieked and ran. The sun finally rose and melted them away. Then, a prince and princess had a wedding, and white covered the area like the purity of a virgin. I skipped away to retrieve a flower for a "Pocahontafied-gal." I noticed a burrow in the ground before me, like a rabbit's hole but enormous in comparison. Then came that hand taunting my fear; a long furry paw attached to a long furry arm that stretched and grasped my ankle. I fell to my belly and the paw pulled! I awakened from my dream, still upon my belly, and the paw still pulled! As I twisted and struggled and perspired, I saw no one or no thing (living) in my midnight-lit bedroom, but still felt the persistent tug of the paw as it dragged me towards the end of my bed. The creature was under the bed! Too stunned to scream, and much too weary and powerless to run from the inexorably tightened grip of the paw, I reached down with my eight-year-old hand - "Lord, get me through this, don't let him get me!" And I pushed the damn thing off! I quickly curled up in a fetus-like ball, wrapped myself thoroughly in my bedsheets (it's a wonder I could still breathe), and I've slept that way ever since. I'm now a short boy of seventeen…

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