The Creature
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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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My nightmare wasn't very scary in the beginning, but that changed quickly. I was standing in a park. There was no one that could be seen on any of the park benches. It was very dark, and I suddenly realized that I was extremely tired, so I went to sit down on the nearest park bench. As I walked towards it, I heard a chittering of laughter echo from behind me. I swung around! …I saw nothing. As I turned back around towards the bench, there had now appeared a small creature. It was only about the size of a four year old child. It had pointed ears and short, red fur. In small patches, the fur was gone. Underneath the fur, I saw rotting pink flesh. In the hand attached to one of its strangely long, thin arms, it was grasping a sharp looking knife. I ran away, but now there were tall stone walls surrounding the park. I managed to climb over one section of the wall, but it seemed like it took an eternity. I finally escaped the park to a small road. Panting, I staggered slowly down the road. Gazing back in the direction of the park, I saw the pint-sized creature leap nimbly over the wall. It began running after me. Immediately, I found myself at the door to my house. I ran through the living room, and was followed closely by the chittering, goblin-like creature. I slammed the living room door behind me! The creature reached the door, but it couldn't turn the handle. I was thankful, as my dog was sleeping in that room. From there I ran to the bedroom. As I started to close the bedroom door, I saw the living room door burst into splinters of wood and shards of glass as the creature smashed through it! I closed and locked the bedroom door. I heard my furry pursuer slam into it, then draw back, and slam into it again! It couldn't get through. Relentless chittering came from the living room - then a tearing noise - and a dog whining - then the noise of something heavy hitting the floor! Chittering, then silence. Then came a sound of scratching from the open fireplace in the living room. The chimney there has numerous small holes in it that lead into the attic. After a short while, I heard that same scratching sound! This time it was coming from just above my head. I looked up and saw in the ceiling, a tiny trap door which led into the attic. The dream always ends there…

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