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Watching T.V. now. Cant tell you what's on exactly. It's the usual shit. Politicians spewing their candy coated words. Stupid advertising for shit I don't need. Over the drone of the Tube I can hear it. So I turn the volume up louder. It doesn't always work. Sometimes the shit that you want to keep in the background out of focus just screams for your attention. Oh sweet its Billy Mays And Oxy-Clean. The man is back from the dead and he still cant get over the awesome cleaning power of Oxy-Clean. Instinctively I reach for the telephone. Speed dial #3. It's like an itch i need to scratch. I mute the T.V. so I can talk over the phone. Then that little something I try to forget about worms its way into my consciousness. I sigh and hang up the phone, I will satisfy the itch soon. I know when It comes. I must satisfy it. I walk over to the refrigerator. The stink of fish was overpowering, But nothing Oxy-Clean couldn't handle. I grab the pail and head for the basement. This is where I keep the only object that satisfy me. The object i use to scratch the itch. Fuck that bitch. She's gone and done it again. Got lose and hurt herself trying desperately to get to freedom. She is normally roped to a spike in the middle of the sound proof room in my basement. She is a wild thing but she knows who the master is. Her biting is not nearly as heartfelt as it was in the beginning. Oh the beginning. It was such a whim at first but the whim grew into a whimsy and it collided with the static and then it started to grow. It still itches, but I know that the itching is just a sign of the growth of it. I toss the pail on the floor. Fish heads slop out of them. I need to fishing next weekend. I wonder how much she will need to last a weekend.. I might even cook some food for her, cooked food lasts longer, yah I'll do just that. Argh the itch! I cant take it any more. But I cant stand the smell of her. I walk towards the hose. She lets out a whimper, she never did like the hose. But the smell of her is worse than the itch. So I hose her down. She is just cowering there naked and bruised. She used to be so pretty. Oh well looks ain't nothing. I pull a fresh towel from out of the cabinet on the wall. This is always her favorite part. Softly i dry her off, stroking her breasts and rubbing her clit. She looks me in the eye's and she catches me completely off guard. She is smiling like she hasn't done since the beginning. She still has that pretty smile. Her vagina is wet on my fingers, The itch is waining as I penetrate her. This is it. This is the ultimate reason for my existence. I exist to scratch this itch.

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