Three Doors
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Posted by: Emperor_Jackal
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The worst nightmare I had was when I was 10. It's weird I had such a gruesome dream at such a young age. It all started when I fell asleep on my couch. When I awoke, I was in a room. I remember feeling cold. It was dark all around me… All I could see were these three doors in front of me, each with a number on it. In front of the doors was standing a man. He had a long scraggly body, long white hands with sharp nails and a red face with pointy teeth; not really a man, but rather some kind of demon you would think came from hell. I decided to go through one of the doors, the one labeled #1. Beyond the door was a beautiful room darned with flowers. And there, in a bed, lie my mother, more beautiful than ever. There was a white blanket covering her. She looked so peaceful. The window across from her was open and the sun was pouring in like a waterfall of gold and engulfing her. I turned around when I heard the demon laughing at me. He pointed back at my mother. I turned again to see that my mother was now just a rotting corpse lieing on a bed of dusty cobwebs. I screamed and ran out the door! I kept running, not knowing where I was going! There was no light at whatsoever. I could see absolutely nothing in the black, empty void. It seemed like I ran forever! I finally stopped to catch my breath and look around… Nothing! I then heard the lighting of a match. And then a small but luminous light grew in brightness to eventually show the face of the laughing demon. He wouldn't stop laughing! He just took my hand and led me through another doorway. Behind this door was my old house: one where I lived a long time ago when my parents were together and my family was still happy. I was staring at the house when suddenly, I heard screaming - horrible screams of terror and agony! It was the screaming of my family! "Help me - please!", they cried. Hearing them in such pain made me cry. Then the whole house caught on fire and out came my family, jumping through the windows, trying so hard to escape the fire. My sister came running towards me screaming "help me - please!" the blood streamed down her body like it was running through an open faucet. I saw my family dying right before my eyes! I fell to the ground in tears. I felt a hand on my back - it was the demon! Around him were the bodies of my family. They were lieing there, covered in blood. To my surprise, I then realized I had blood all over me now too! I felt a stinging sensation on my leg. When I looked down, blood was just pouring out of my leg as more and more of my skin instantly decayed and then vanished completely! The stinging climbed upwards through my body and passed through my chest! And just before it got to my head, I'd wake up.

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