Complexities of A Spam-Based Society
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Source Archive of the original TT Wiki
Author Octavian (suspected, but not confirmed)
Date Unknown (before the fall of the first TT Wiki)

Greetings fags.

For a long time you have gazed in wonder at how and why such idiocy runs rampant amongst the lower forms of our own species. The reason why Trash Talk is 99% pure garbage and 1% Legitimate Content will be explored on this page.

1.0 The Average TTer

There are 4 main types of TTer. They are:

TTer Classification Table Spammer Troll Hot-head Legitimate Poster
Habitat Mothers basement Sweat-smelling underclean bedroom "Study" or similar typed office space Outside!!!!
Favoured meme ORLY? This thread fails [/sarcasm] I was talking to a guy about that recently…
Example User Emperor_Jackal AntiCancel The Mule This is TT, there are no such people

Now that a table has been constructed to distract the pre-pubers, a brief synopsis is needed:

1.1 Spammer

50% of the TT population should be considered spammers. Their goal in life is to increase post count with minimal intellectual input. All Legitimate Content from a spammer should be considered a trap, and will likey precede a picture of Akhbar and his "TARP!!1!!". You may be thinking, "Spammers? In a spam forum? No shit Sherlock!". To which it should be said that they arent an issue unless you post C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER in their "epic" post count boost threads. The issue is the wannabe spammers…

It's generally accepted that spamming isnt a great argument for your continued existence. So when new-fags try to be spammers, they are judged by all. And not judged well.

1.2 Troll

Let me get this out of the way. Trolls are mostly annoying bell ends who should consider that few users cry, scream, or are irratated by their posts. And they should seriously consider suicide. Despite this, the few that are irratated (see Hot-heads) tend to create an epic "FEED THE TROLL CRUSADE!!!". This only increases the trolls satisfaction. These threads also allow them to fulfill there secondary motive as a spammer.

1.3 Hot Heads

Majority of their posts are well deserved, and are acceptable to rep. Despite this, some get above their station. Current TT hot head is The Mule. His level of win can be seen as "epic" in the eyes of TTers. With this epic win, as always, there are consequences. New-fags seem to think it's right to attempt to suck his penis. In other cases, this has driven the hot heads e-peen to explosion and loss of win. We await to see if The Mule will suffers such.

1.4 Legitimate Posters

Hypotheticals at best.

2.0 Trash Talk Society

TT's society can be modelled on that of a crusade era Jerusalem Bazaar (market-place, fools). Whoever shouts the loudest, sells the most. Whoever comes in with the most money/e-peen loses the most. And its not uncommon to have to walk around rotting corpses…

The phrase "A dog eat dog world" wouldn't truly capture the picture. The relatively few TTers who have been near enough to the front door to see a dog would most likely see it as a tool to vent sexual frustration (See also: Cass).

2.1 Hierarchy

In terms of a hierarchy, TT operates on a bizarre and totally unique "Gen's" poilitical system. The system, as with all TT functions, is completely illogical and irrational. To an outsider, it would seem to be based on age, however at close examination age does not factor in Gen (possibly short for Generation \(o.0)/, however there is a distinct lack of archealogical evidence for this hypothesis). Gen's are determined by the joining date of a user into the TT "community".

2.11 First Gen

The first gen, were the apparent originals. Consisting largely of over ego-tistical mindless zombies who now consider themselves deities. (See: Vendetta). Of these first gen, very few are:

a) Still alive
B) Still able to produce win
C) Still respected
D) Still allowed to roam freely within the United States without being followed by unmarked black helicoptors, and bank-cartel employed tough guys.

Solarian is one of the few who fits this list. And I have singled him out because he's the only one I don't e-hate. Except for MSJ, but she's just gay.

2.12 New "Leaders"

Recently the mysterious "Gen list" has crumbled under a wave of hate. Whereas your Gen used to determine your capability to win, nowadays its your capability to win that determines your capability to win.

Of these new leaders, paramount is Rabid Parrots, his ability to post mountains of illegitimate content is rivalled only by his power to produce memes. He has become a figure head for TT.

-more coming soon-

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