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Original article taken from the second TT Wiki

Buttchin, also known as Lord Ted was one day blackmailed into posting a picture of himself with a written sign on the TT forum. Needless to say the picture was hysterical. Thus starting the Buttchin meme.

The text on the sign, as provided, reads

RealSkillz is my idol
Rabid Parrot[sic] is my god
DarkZero is who I worship on Wednesday's[sic]

It is interesting to note that Lord Ted has typos while writing with a marker, much in line with his observed writing abilities on the forums.

The Original Chin


Bonus Chin

Bonus chin was created byThe Mule to increase the chinniness of TT by 8999%.

Nigga Chin

Created by Rabid Parrots, Nigga Chin is the dark side of the chin world.

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