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Original article taken from the second TT Wiki
WARNING: This article is a suspected TTer Autobiography and may contain moderate to severe self-proclaimed win.

Latest Stuff

He likes to annoy/harass people, and does a damn fine job. He is not fully accepted as a TTer, and never will be because he's an attention whoring piece of shit.. The Mule and Dominion are known to successful troll him all the time.

The Begining

He joined Trash Talk after a short time of gameplay. he took a look at the rest of the forums, and Politics & War seemed to be the worst place, then Feature Request in close second. Off Game was interesting, but it had no real funny content. Trash Talk was at least a bit entertaining. For a while he lurked and posted a little. At that time it was actually intelligent, it died soon after he joined.

Wrong. Learn to gain accuracy.

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