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AntiQuack is a twink that spams and fails a full metric ton once for every hour of every day in every thread. Is also a failtroll, and tries to emulate the humor of others to disastrous and embarrassing results.

Days of the Duck

AntiQuack is most distinguished by his giant orange beak. Also notable are his bright yellow feathers and total lack of wit.


AntiQuack is currently under investigation in the death of teenage girl from Texas. In a controversial video leaked to the web, AntiQuack can be seen driving an unsuspecting female to fatal boredom levels with his ruthlessly inane chatter about yawning. A police spokesperson has said, in a statement to the media, that it is believed AntiQuack had caused the girl to die of boredom.

Federal authorities are also interested in talking to Mr. Quack, as girls on the internet are an endangered species - thus making the death a federal crime.

Reference video. (note: video has since been removed by the victim's family)

The following video still was obtained from a leaked collection of such stills. Be advised, this photo may not be for young or sensitive viewers:

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