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WARNING: This article is a suspected TTer Autobiography and may contain moderate to severe self-proclaimed win.

Long ago in feudal Japan, there lived a group of nekomata (two-tailed cat demons) in the wild mountains. They used to exist in huge families like this, but those times are now over. Back then, there was an instabilitiy between dimensions. Sometimes, the nekomata would be pulled through into another dimension and another time, and there they would be alone, exept for the one person they would be destined to bond with….


Young Mitsuki had just left her school science fair, always eager to learn how the world worked. The snow was falling lightly, making her wool uniform feel slightly heavier. As she passed an alley, the clang of a trash can lid hitting concrete caught her attention. When she peered down the darkened passageway, she could make out small, shining eyes creeping toward her. As they entered the light, so did the body of a small black cat. It walked up to her and began to rub it's head affectionately against her leg. Feeling pity for the small creature, she picked it up and took it home….

Her parents weren't expecting the small bundle she walked in with(because she is a huge fatass, she couldn't lift that much). They became more apprehensive when they looked the feline in the eyes. The eyes looked as old as the world, yet the body of this cat looked no more than 1 or 2 years old. There was only one conclusion they could make….

They warned her about the Nekomata. But she didn't listen. The cat was so sweet, and loving that she couldn't just shut it out in the cold. But, she'd catch it watching her, and she'd feel its paws upon her bed at night, and slowly… slowly it made it's way into her very soul…


As it merged with her, her appearance changed. Her hair turned black, and grew far more quickly. Her once dark eyes became the color of amber, while her pale skin became tanned and gained strange makings when exposed to the night. Finally, her human ears disappeared as she slept, replaced by fairly large, furry cat ears. By the end of one full year her outward appearance had completely changed, leaving only the kind nature that composed her soul….

Fearing her parents reaction to the new appendages, but moreso, the reaction the general public would have towards her family, she packed up a few clothes and all the money she had in a single duffle bag and fled her home. No one knows what became of her, and no trace of her existsance was found when the whole town searched for her. Still, some visitors claim that they see a lone figure with long, flowing hair and 2 traingle shapes on it's head standing on top of the tallest building at night when the moon is full…..

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