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Original article taken from the second TT Wiki

Kenyi is a language Moderator on the Astro Empires forum. He joined in May 2007 and looks after the German and Dutch language boards.

Kenyi ITT

Kenyi originally started out as a rare visitor of the forums, usually only popping on to check either alpha P&W. After half a year of his account being inactive he decided to do something with the little life he got left, and begun to actively contribute things to the forum. Soon enough the poor bastard ended up in the Role Play section, where he quickly became a honorable member due his posts in the "UTA" thread. Rarely he was seen in TT, only a few times to give some rep to Rabid Parrots or any other patron worth of receiving one, or posting something that wasn't too much accepted in TT (son of a bitch knew nothing of it)

when Edwin became the new mod of TT, Kenyi was sent with Edwin to get him relatively safe into the TT community (with little knowledge of Edwin actually being Cookiemonster). He never really left after that, and luckily was spared the usual TT newgen trail.

He was often spotted with his P.I.C (Partner in Crime) Collective, which joined TT at the same time Kenyi did. Their most remarkable practical joke until now was Kenyi claiming Collective was his multi. Unlucky enough, Dark Zero, one of the forum's most disliked partypooper, busted Kenyi and Collective their theory, making them stop the practical joke after two days. Success had been theirs though, as Penguin14 was severely (almost irreversibly) confused, since he was quite good friends with collective.

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