Lord Evil
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History with [BORG]

On October 29th, 2007 Lord Evil pulled one of the best gags that has ever happened in the Alpha P&W forum. He created a guild in Alpha called [-BOSK] Of_Not_Bosk and declared war on [BORG] Of_Borg. This long and gruesome war lasted until November 2nd, 2007 when [BORG] Of_Borg signed the surrender conditions.

These are the surrender conditions:

-We get to run a corvette into one of your bases so we can call this a war.
-All debris belongs to [BORG]
-30-day NAP.
-It would take effect immediately after the corvette hits the base.

Oh and if anyone decides to take advantage of this situation and hits [BORG] while there fleets are recovering they will become an enemy of [-BOSK].

-Lord Evil

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